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World of Illusion Magic Show

A 1 Hour Theatrical Event That Provides True Family Entertainment And Most Importantly, Leads People to Christ. Mike Lawrence's World of Illusion is a powerful and effective evangelistic opportunity that could have a profound impact on your community.

Evangelical Outreach

Mike uses the theatrical art of illusion to illustrate and clearly communicate that reality is not found in the illusive, temporal world system, but rather in the eternal truth of God's Word.

Performances are done as evangelistic outreaches for churches, colleges, high schools, military bases, prisons, executive banquets or any other group that has a heart for the lost.

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A Word of Thanks

Over the years many people have contributed to the development of World of Illusion.  World of Illusion was inspired by and patterned after the Andre Kole Ministry.  I would like to thank Mr. Kole for all of his help, guidance and support over the years. 

I would also like to thank Don Wayne, John Gaughan, Alan Zagorsky, Gay Blackstone, Gene Anderson, Max and Sally Hapner, Tony Spina, Bill Schmelk, Walter Blaney, Charles Reynolds, Craig Greenwood and Art Moye for their magical contributions and support.

I would like to thank Phil Driscoll and Stephen Lee for the use of their music in our outreaches.

Mike Lawrence

Coming Home

Stephen M. Lee - Music in The Key of Life